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[Nug] GinSherry Reunion 3 (Detective Conan)

Shiho Miyano is currently in a difficult situation. Can this beautiful blonde figure out the way out of the snare or will she simply play along and do everything she is expected to do? Yes, there are explicit or sexually attractive things… This parody comic will assist you in finding the right answer.

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F.L.O.W.E.R 02

Being a detective requires Conan to be a bit of a lot of secrets in his lifebut ofcourse Conan is not the only one with personal problems. In the same category is gorgeous Ran Mouriwhose beautiful body draws a lot of attention from all the guys around and she clearly understands that at some point, one of them is going to choose this unique flower that she has…

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POTEMAYO Vol. 4 (Meitantei Conan) [English]

Another set of short stories from the world of “Detective Conan” that allows viewers see well-known characters from a totally new perspective, the one which can be shown only in the parody genre of hentai! It will show you what fun the rich are enjoying while on cruises, and the final story will demonstrate how strange castles look!

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[oo sebastian oo] The Cult Cafe

The story of this hentai parody comics in short: chain of hypnosys themed tricks transforms this simple trick into a serious threesome! Not just any threesome, but a passionate threesome that incorporates aspects of cosplay! This short story will tell you everything you need know about the costumes that anime characterswill wear to cosplay.

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Torottoro MILK Otokonoko Aji (Detective Conan)

This redhead busty milf in glasses is one of the characters from “Detective Conan” series yet barely this should bother you since in this story she will be nothing more than a horny teacher who allows some of her students to fuck her in some kinky and dirty ways. The texts are in japanese but once again – the story here is simple so you can enjoy it as a gangbang scene (with a nice additional gallery of selected artworks).

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48 hours of indulgence (Detective Conan) [English]

The comic will follow the tale of two best friends who realize their common interest. They decide to transform it into sexually passionate sexual sex. The fact that it is an adaptation of characters from “Deective Conan” will be nice additional touch for those who are familiar with the anime series.

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Potemayo Vol. 4

You may be watching “Detective Conan” series because you love the female characters. If so, it is a must to read the comics. In this comic, you’ll find not only three main heroines, but they will also have quiet kinky fun tonight! For the sake of an vital investigation of course (well likely).

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F.L.O.W.E.R 03 [Kopikura]

The main heroine of the tale is a hot brunette with titches that puts her in dangerous situations. Yes, she is fucked hard and rough in the majority of these situations. Will there be any hidden solution that only the detective can find or is it all about the human lust and just that? Check out the comics for the truth!

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Hi Side 9

The comic is a classic black-and-white comic. It also contains many naughty stories. For example, about a beautiful girl who enjoys humiliation and another strange obsession. Maybe it’s just her way of life to be a bit impulsive. Or maybe she’s just behaving inappropriately. Perhaps a report about rape at work. This will also get your interest. Let’s start this Japanese comic right now.

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Outside Ten

Today, you can observe two girls who are having sexual relations that are lesbian. One of the girls is BDSM predisposed, which means she’s the boss. With no shame one of the girls rips off another beauty’s clothes and begins massaging her luscious boobs and twisting her pink nubs. Then she licks her cunt wet and is ready to grab a thick strapon. The fun starts.

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